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Jul 5, 2010 9:04 AM

Help What type of spider is this? Its has a Very Red back!

I have found this spider living in my back garden in the west midlands. I was a bit alarmed as it has a fair bit or red on it and I understand that in the insect world red is a warning!


So I thought I would have a look around and cannot see for sure what it is so thought I would ask the experts.


So what do you think? Its about 5-0 mm in size and is under its own web (its made a sort of tunnel!) Its on some clear plastic sheeting so I put some white paper behind it so it shows up.


Fingers crossed its not a dangerous one!





  • I've deleted my previous message after a rethink. As the web in the photo looks like a typical theridiid web I think it's best not to speculate.


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      • I deleted my previous message because, although they don't look an adult Steatoda of any sort, I don't know what these look like as juveniles. From your description and photo they don't seem to have orb webs and so a theridiid (which includes Steatodas) is a possibilty. Unless someone else on the forum can come up with the answer can you get a photo of a largish one with it's legs more stretched out and showing its head/thorax area.


        Don't worry unduly. Spiders very rarely bite - only if you disturb / annoy them.

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        • It's a Zygiella species, possibly Z.atrica or even Z. x-notata despite the red as they can vary greatly, if you look at it's web (there will be one!) there should be a missing segment where it's trigger line goes to it's hiding place (hence the name 'missing sector orb weaver. Extremely common, native and nothing to worry about.





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