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Aug 10, 2014 9:08 PM

Please help to identify this insect/bug!


Please see attached pictures i took to help with identification!


I have seen a fair few of these small insects (5mm-7mm roughly) in my flat over the past few days, they tend to be found on my window sills however i cannot see how they could be entering as the window looks pretty well sealed.

I do have a plant in the kitchen however nothing in the lounge and i find them in both the lounge and kitchen.

It appears to have wings that are hidden within its main body which i have seen one open up briefly however I have not seen them fly.

I have been living in this flat since december and never saw them until just the past few days, and although the main place where i find them is at window sills i have found them in other areas of the house which is quite concerning.. I am living in south london in a top floor flat with a loft above however I have never seen them by the spotlights which could be a potential entry point, but then this doesnt explain their close proximity to the windows on many occasions

They are reasonably quick, look black in colour

Please could you let me know what they are, if they bite, and why they would be attracted to my flat?


Thanks in advance for your help! And i look forward to the responses


Much appreciated



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    Aug 27, 2014 2:26 PM (in response to Joseph)
    Re: Please help to identify this insect/bug!

    Hi Jo,


    you will have noticed that it is quite difficult to say anything definite from the photos you provided. It is not easy to photograph an animal that small without a dedicated macro lens. Hence my attempt at ID-ing this insect will have to be considered with some level of uncertainty.

    First off, it is clearly a beetle. And its shape and that of its antennae suggest to me it is a member of the family Silvanidae. They live in various habitats, but most of them are either encountered under bark, in wood, or some are associated with rotting organic matter and can be found in compost heaps or in grain storage facilities in larger number. Now if you have a look at the photos on this page:

    would be able to recognize it? From the little I can see in your photos I am tempted to think it could be Oryzaephilus surinamensis. That species is easy to identify based on its serrated pronotum, the shield-like part behind the head and in front of the wing cases.

    They are all harmless and there is no need to worry.


    Hope that helps

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