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Jul 16, 2014 3:25 PM

Black little bugs on Windowsill / outside apartment / in courtyard

Recently i've been noticing these little guys more and more. They are TINY, i've taken these photos with a magnified lens (as best I could!). I first noticed them when i've been out in my courtyard and thought nothing of it, I brushed them off.


Then on a hot sunny day I had the large office window open (Rather than just the fanlight one) and started seeing them on my desk, and pretty much everywhere! They are tinier than you think. Now I get a nice collection of them on the windows sills. I've seen them on the entry to our flat building too, so i'm guessing they're just harmless critters.


My internet detective work boiled down to SPRINGTAILS, but these seem longer, and also appear to have wings, although it's hard to get a good close up picture. They gather on the windowsill and just die (probably from residual bug spray )


Bug experts, have at it!


They're annoying, can anyone confirm Springtails or otherwise?




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