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Jul 10, 2014 4:15 PM

Kiwi plant non fruiting, leaves curling up and dropping off, virtually overnight

Hi, I have a non fruiting kiwi plant approx 20years old approx 2m high against a 1m high party fence with a south facing wall approx 1m metre away, the question is what has caused the upper leaves to curl up and fall off virtually overnight, it is watered once a day on dry sunny days


Any advice would be gratefully received



  • I'd check the roots. Scrape away some soild, but by bit looking for larvae that might have chewed through the bark. If they do that all the way round (girdling), that can kill the plant. Vine weevil /other larvae can do that, even on woody plants. But the roots could also have been compromosed by fungal pathogens (look especially for black flattish strands like boot-laces - suggestive of honey fungus).

    To be honest, I'm a but surprised by the leaves dropping off. Usually, physiological problems of this nature might cause the leaves to shrivel but stay attached. The dropping-off behaviour is facilitated by the process of abscission, which requires the plant to be in a fair state of health (as happens with deciduous trees in autumn).

    So I'm not really sure what's going on; need more info. Do the leaves themselves exhibit any abnormalities, such as pustules, coatings, insects?


    It will be non-fruiting because it produces male and female flowers on different plants. Yous is either a male, or it is a female without a male nearby.



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