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Jun 19, 2014 5:22 PM

Who Are My New Visitors

Hello everyone,


Sorry to post another insect identification post, but I've had the same type of insect appear within 10cm of where I seen the first one on 3 consecutive days. One each time, and they move really slowly and just play dead if they are touched.


The only reason I am asking is I have 2 unusual 'factors':


1) I've lived in my hose for 7 years, and straight after we moved in, we had to deal with replacing skirting and floorboards from an earlier woodworm issue. I think this fella looks a bit big for an adult woodworm beetle, but as I've never seen one in the flesh I though I'd ask. I see these chaps in the north east corner of my house and the woodworm was in the south, though I'm sure woodworm could move if it's still around


2) We currently have a dead pigeon were not able to remove from a chimney breast in the south west corner of our house (about 10+ Meters away from where I've seen these 3 bugs) were waiting for it to decompose, and therefore have a room full of flies (about 50 per day for the last 5 days, but almost entirely contained to one room) could these recent 3 visitors be related to this ongoing matter?


So any info you could give would be appreciated. These little fellas are cute, and not bothering me (unlike the blasted flies) but their regular appearance in the same spot, with this regularity makes me worry they may be a pest.





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    Jun 19, 2014 7:44 PM (in response to WednesdayBB)
    Re: Who Are My New Visitors

    Hi WednesdayBB,

    First off, beetles are not my area.. but I was looking for one we saw recently and came across this guy. Someone can probably tell you more about it but I suspect its not linked to your unfortunate pigeon. See what you think,  I'm sure someone who knows more about beetles cna help more.


    Hoplia philanthus


    Hope its helpful


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      Jun 20, 2014 11:02 PM (in response to SeaRayz)
      Re: Who Are My New Visitors

      Looks like a good call Crystal - the Welsh Chafer

      Right size and colouring.


      It would useful to know whereabouts the OP lives as it seems to be pretty localised.



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