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Jun 16, 2014 5:33 PM

Can anyone tell me what this is please?!

Hi, lately I've been getting bitten by something in my flat...(thought it was fleas but have no pets) and have been finding an increasing number of these wee blighters on my bedroom carpet & round my window. Is anyone able to tell me what they are & if they would bite?

Have attached a few pics of the bugs & bites on my the end of my tether :(

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    Jun 16, 2014 5:51 PM (in response to Loumai)
    Re: Can anyone tell me what this is please?!

    First of all, I would start with this, If you're worried and something is bitting you, you may want to call in a professional. 

    That said, the photos you have of the insect, its difficult to be sure but these look like a species of Weevil, and if that is correct, they don't bite and won't be the cause of your troubles.


    I will point out one small thing to keep in mind, your first thought of fleas may not have been far off the mark. You don't have to have pets to have fleas in your home.

    Fleas are amazing (or horrible depending on how you see it). In pupal state they can last for years! Waiting for the ideal temperature and humidity levels to emerge, so if you haven't lived in your flat long, maybe someone else had pets before you? Another amazing/horrible fact, eggs of fleas are slightly sticky. They can actually be tracked in on your shoes (or guests shoes) from thier house or parks where dogs/cats might be, or even from squirrels and brought in the house this way.  IF they are flea bites you have, then its a female feeding (and as there is no pet, shes getting what she can from where she can). A female can lay thousands of eggs a day! So all it takes is a male and female, the weather we've had lately (if you're in the UK), could be just the thing to set them off. Ankles are a really common place to get bites too.


    So I would suggest either call a pro, or do some self treatments to the house for fleas and see if the bites stop. You'll want to get a treatment with a growth inhibiting agent,  this will kill eggs and adults. You will want to vacumn the house just before treatment, as this causes the pupa to hatch out (the chemicals can't kill them in a pupal state), and you'll want to make sure you spray in dark carpeted areas (under furniture), and treat again in a fortnight.

    I used to work at a vet and so hope this is helpful information.



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    Jun 17, 2014 8:21 AM (in response to Loumai)
    Re: Can anyone tell me what this is please?!

    Where are these "bites" on your body ?? the poor flea gets blame for most bites when actually fleas always bite around the ankles unless you lay on the floor alot.


    Quite often most of my calls for bites are infact a result of "static"... google cable bug for more info.


    Or perhaps a change in wash powder is causing you a reaction...???


    "GP's are generals" they would not be able to accuratly identify a bite from a reaction.


    What you have is a reaction.


    A reaction could be the result of a bite, or a reaction from an impalement, or a reaction from other.....


    Thanks.. Martyn.

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