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May 30, 2014 8:28 PM

Fossils found near Hornsea beach East Yorkshire on Sunday, we think may be a dinosaur egg

We found quite a few fossils at Mappleton beach on the Holderness coast near Hornsea on Sunday, one is huge, a nodule or conclusion, green in colour and the other looks exactly like a cracked egg but large, it even has a shell and underneath are lots of cracks, just like an egg shell, ..we also found a chalk rock with what looks like a bone sticking out but it appears to be flint..? please could you identify if possible, thank you so much..

  • Welcome Conclusions to Nature Plus.

    What a good haul of different material you have found, well done.

    The first image is a Cretaceous piece of flint in chalk, probably from the Flambrough area (sssi)

    The second is a partial pyritic nodule buried in boulder clay.

    The third looks to be the same one but dug out of the clay.

    The fourth looks a bit more interesting because i have just prepped two similar flattish pyritic nodules with ammonites laid across the nodule, one contained one Ovaticeras ovatum and the other contained two Ovaticeras ovatums.

    I can see some white lines on the right of your specimen, sometimes this is all you have to go on as it is a good indication there is a fossil in there.

    The fifth - - well is not far off a perfect 'cannon ball' from bed 33 near Whitby.

    All of your finds have been deposited on the Holderness coast during the last ice age along with the boulder clay (Tills)

    The Holderness is a fantastic place and well done on all of your finds.



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      • Hi Conclusions

        Generally speaking if you can see a fossil in the specimens you find then take them home, if not give them a 'tap' on the beach because it's pointless carrying rocks home with nothing in them.

        The weakest part of these blocks is were the fossil is laying so a well aimed hit with a geological hammer or use a chisel for a better directed blow at what you think is the weak spot should split the specimen - but things don't always go to plan and everyone is different, sometimes a good split and sometimes a bad split.

        If it's a bad split all is not lost, pick up the pieces and stick them back together, there are many different grades of super glue on the market.

        Please use safety glasses, today i hit a nodule that sent a shard into my arm, it served a purpose realy if only as an example for my 5 year old grandson to keep waring the safety glasses I bought for him.

        I have attached a couple of images of the flat stones that i have found, they split well because I could see the ammonites.

        Happy hunting on the Holderness.



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