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Feb 24, 2014 2:27 PM

Have a lot of these in our conservatory - what are they?


Have had these spiders in our conservatory a while (like a couple of years) and since a friend recently found a false widow in her conservatory I am starting to wonder if that is what these are.  They mainly hide in the day and come out at night.  Messy webs, very sticky! Any ideas? Sorry about the rubbish photos, our captive was playing very dead and hard to get a good photo of the other.  I could try harder if needed I'm sure    The captive was safely escorted to the garden once finished and is very much alive!  They had a good breeding season last year so seem to be a lot more of them than there used to be! There is a pattern on the back of the one in the glass, like pale chevrons / diamonds almost. Then same colour ring round the outside.




Have managed to zoom image a bit and have taken a picture of a little spider (baby?) just found hiding around flower pot.  Most of the plants in the conservatory are covered in webs ( same kind - messy and very sticky).  Hope this helps with ID a bit more.


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  • Hi Bluebell,


    Indeed these do, for the most part, look like Steatoda nobilis (noble false widow).


    They do love conservatories! When established, females tend to stick to their webs/hiding places, I'd tip any wandering males well as any other individuals that bother you. You would seem to have got on fine with them for the last few years, so no reason to expect that to change, but I can understand a reluctance to want to tempt fate.

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