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Dec 23, 2013 3:26 PM

What's this spider?

We've found two of these when tidying the living room. The body is about 8-10mm long.


So far, suggestions have been False Widow or Cave Spider.

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    Dec 23, 2013 6:38 PM (in response to JimLynn)
    Re: What's this spider?

    Hi JimLynn,


    It looks more like a Steatoda (false widow). Hard to say which one though, my gut has me leaning more towards S. grossa (AKA cupboard spider) than S. nobilis (noble false widow). From what I can see on the video, the underside of the abdomen has less distinct markings than I'd expect on S nobilis. S grossa has a large, almost rectangular "pill" shaped marking under the abdomen, S nobilis more of a figure of "8".


    Some stills showing the dorsal side of the abomen would be good? There seems to be a feint "arrow head" marking set back from the front of the abdomen, again more in keeping with S grossa?


    Youre more likely to uncover S grossa hiding in the dark at ground level. S nobilis usually prefers to be higher off the ground & close to a bolt hole...but given the recent weather, either could have been driven out from their usual haunts.


    Neither are aggressive, they ram up ahainst the glass like that just trying to get out...if you let it free, it'll head for the nearest dark cover. S grossa are pretty shy & docile, males get seen whilst wandering around looking for a mate, females more likely to be found when their hiding place is disturbed/uncovered. They are rarely a problem because of their reclusive nature.


    S nobilis tends to hang out in hammock like webs, high off the ground, after sundown & is more likely to be seen. Females stick close to their web usually, again males wander.


    Bites are very rare (& not dangerous), usually due to the spider being trapped against the skin. They'll be fine outside, once this stormy weather is over if you are more comfortable with them out of the house. I just tend to escort them out of the bedroom & bathroom if I find them there, males usually get put out.


    Like I said, if you can post some stills, it may help narrow it down better.

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