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Dec 8, 2013 3:16 AM

Spider Identification please?

Hi guys.


I have a pair of these little fellas living in my downstairs toilet.


I got a good quality picture of one feeding on an escaped cricket (I keep bearded dragons and the crickets are their food)


Based on the markings I believe they look like Steatoda paykulliana but I could easily be wrong as I'm no spider expert.


Anyone care to advise on what they are?


And if it is the above, should I report it to anyone so they can record it? Should I relocate them? And where to? One of my housemates is a huge arachnaphobe. I'm not a fan of spiders either but I'd hate to see an animal destroyed just because of an irrational fear, and I'm perfectly happy for them to live in the downstairs loo and controlling the escaped cricket/locust population! Haha


Thanks in advance, J


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    Dec 8, 2013 11:45 AM (in response to JC91)
    Re: Spider Identification please?

    Hi JC91,


    Flare from a light source makes it difficult to determine the actual markings, so S. paykulliana may be a possibility, but this also looks very much like the much more common Steatoda grossa?


    The British Arachnological Society run a spider recording scheme, S. grossa is a little more widespread than Steatoda nobilis. Whereabouts are you located?


    As to whether you should relocate them, that's up to you and your house mates, they're not aggressive & prefer to stay out of our way...though, I don't personally relish the thought of them in the loo/bathroom/bedroom, increased chance they'll accidentally get onto clothing/towels etc. (I don't worry about them in other rooms) They should be happy enough in any shed/outbuilding/sheltered outdoor area.

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