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Nov 12, 2013 7:47 PM

What type of spider is this?

Hi, what type of spider is this? It's one I haven't seen before in the house. I found it spinning a crazy strong web behind a bottle in the corner of the bathroom. I had another one which ventured into the living room but my boyfriend disposed of it as I was concerned it was a false widow but I couldn't dispose of it. I'm concerned if it is the false widow that's two I've found in my house in a couple of weeks. The one from the bathroom is currently sat in a tub it.


Thanks for any help!

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      Nov 12, 2013 8:32 PM (in response to Mich)
      Re: What type of spider is this?

      Welcome Mitch - thanks for both posting and answering your own post ;)


      You are correct, this is a Lace Web spider, Amaurobius sp ., and probably Amaurobius similis.


      Several species of lace web spider are common around the outside of our homes and gardens. They make a characteristic lace-like web on fences, sheds, walls and among general clutter around the garden.


      Males are prone to wander indoors when mature and looking for a mate. Bites have been reported when a spider has been trapped against the skin, but with little pain or lasting symptoms.


      It would much prefer to be outside - so off into the garden with it.

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