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Nov 5, 2013 6:41 PM

Flora Identification

Hello Everyone,


I really need some help identifying a couple of trees/shrubs. They are all from the south in the uk, but I am not sure if they all come from the uk.


Any suggestions would be amazing.


Many thanks in advance,



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          Nov 5, 2013 8:20 PM (in response to Justjake47)
          Re: Flora Identification



          The first three photos (attachments):

          apple or plum.

          We need more information to do make any sort of reliable ID, eg.

          flowers, fruit, seeds (the latter two may still be in the leaf litter from last year), whole plant, bark, detail of base of leaf


          The last three photos:

          rose, probably the wild dog rose, Rosa canina


          With both plants, we also really need to know if they are growing in cultivation or in the wild.

          With both roses and apples/plums, there are a large number of species, hybrids and cultivars which make reliable ID difficult. At least if we know the plants are in the wild (and not just over the back fence of a garden), there is a much smaller world of possibilities.



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              Nov 5, 2013 10:08 PM (in response to Justjake47)
              Re: Flora Identification



              Thanks for the further info.

              The presence of sweet chestnuts suggests the soil is acid (ie. not chalk or limestone). In this case, that does not help much.


              If the area is close to a path, it is entirely possible that the apples/plums grew from seeds from fruit eaten and discarded by people passing by or stopping for a rest. The rose is more likely to be wild (though in some places, non-native shrubs are planted as cover for game birds; I have seen Symphoricarpos used like that).


              If you make further observations in future, by all means post them on this thread.

              Then we'll see if we can't make a better ID.



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