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Oct 30, 2013 12:02 AM

3 rd one found in house, not had then in before. Can you confirm what it is ?



I have had one in the living room and 2 upstairs, this us the first year I have seen them. Used to normal house spiders.


What type is it, and should I be removing?



  • Well I'm no expert but from what I've seen on the internet this evening I reckon this could well be a false widow. Perhaps move them into the yard to be safe?

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    • Hi Graeme,


      As Bob says, this is Steatoda nobilis the noble false widow. Best to continue to remove any you find indoors, better safe than sorry - but also be aware that they are not actually dangerous (no one in the UK has ever died from a spider bite), nor aggressive towards humans.


      Regards, Mark.

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        • Hi Graeme,


          No, they don't nest. Spiderlings seem to disperse when still very small. In my experience, they like to be somewhat spread out, so finding different individuals in seperate rooms seems more typical to me, than finding a bunch of them clustered in one place. I have honestly never tried to put them off coming in the house - as long as they are not in the bedroom/shower, I leave them be. I have heard that conkers can deter spiders, but I have no firm evidence that this works.


          In the evening, females often wander out of hiding to hang in their webs, this is a good time to spot them as they can be quite obvious. Check around window frames/sills especially, any cracks or crevices around coving/dado rails, or behind tall furniture. They generally like to be up high, well off the ground.

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