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Oct 13, 2013 9:08 PM

Please identify another tree for me!

Found another tree growing in my yard. Found it today. Not sure what it is. Thought it might be a Paper Mulberry but don't think so.

I've attached the front and back of the leaf. As well as a picutre of the small tree growing.


If not an invasive species then I'd like to keep it. But if it is I'd like to remove it. Thanks.

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    Oct 13, 2013 9:35 PM (in response to killerjim101)
    Re: Please identify another tree for me!



    It is an apple tree (Malus);

    quite possibly from a discarded apple/core.


    Chances are it won't reflect the cultvar it came from, but it could be suitable for grafting a specific cultivar onto.

    I say 'could' because, with cultivated apples, both top (trunk and upwards) and bottom (roots and base of trunk) tend to be cloned from carefully selected cultivars. That selection is for particular qualities, eg. dwarfing rootstock, fruit suitable for cooking. Of course there are a great number of apple fruit cultivars.

    In your case, the tree is clearly growing well, so it it not having difficulty with the soil. So, if you do not need a dwarf tree, you could either let it grow, and treat it as an ornamental (the blossom should be nice anyway), or try grafting a particulr cultivar onto it (or getting somebody with experience to do it for you).

    I mention this just in case you fancy trying a little experiment.


    Whatever, it will not be invasive.



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