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Jun 14, 2013 6:54 PM

2 minerals with fossils inside


I would like to show  you two minerals with fossils inside, 1 looks grey but its acutally yellow under the light,2 could it be amber??? or fossil in limestone? no idea- both findings are from North Berwick

Can you help to idenitfy them ?

Thanks a lot

imprint bug 030.JPGdiamond 013.JPGimprint bug 037.JPG

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    Jun 14, 2013 8:54 PM (in response to 1bear)
    Re: 2 minerals with fossils inside

    I'm not quite sure how the two specimens you describe map to the three photos.




    Photo 1 shows a dendrite - a mineral growth that looks somewhat organic. These usually are, or thought to be, a manganese oxide, but there are other compounds which can form dendrites as well.



    Photo 2 looks to be flint; I don't really see anything of note.


    Photo 3 looks to be a quartz-rich pebble. The form of the quartz is ambiguous; it may have originated as part of a vein. I can't tell what the tiny darkest bits are. The dark triangle in the 'core' may be a piece of host rock (adjacent to the possible vein), which may contain a tiny dark fossil. I don't see amber. That's a lot of guesswork, but it is difficutl to say without having the specimen on-hand to study under a microscope and run tests on.



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