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Sep 16, 2010 8:28 PM

How can I best help to protect bio diversity?

How can I best help help to protct bio diversity?
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    Sep 23, 2010 11:28 AM (in response to flowersmasters)
    Re: How can I best help to protect bio diversity?

    There’s the old saying ‘think globally, act locally’ and that still applies.  Getting involved with your local nature conservation society is one immediate action you could take (you can find a list at 


    There are also things you can do with your own lifestyle.  For example, do you like eating fish?  Nothing wrong with that, if the impact of all of our fish-eating does not lead to loss of populations, species and ecosystems.  Unfortunately, some fishing practices are leading to just that.  Bluefin tuna, for example, is in a very shaky position right now, and may well be fished to extinction.  The impact of bottom trawling is considerable, not just from scraping away the entire ecosystem (think about the impact of a massive net if dragged across the landscape in your nearest countryside), but from raising plumes of sediment, often with pollutants.  Take a look at the Wikipedia entry at or just do a web search of ‘bottom trawling’ to get some really scary stuff.  Anyway, what can you do about it?  Think what you buy, and ask if you don’t know – I certainly have, in restaurants, and rejected anything not caught appropriately - really surprises them, too. You can get information from The Marine Conservation Society among others (, including suggestions of what is OK to eat and what is not.  


    Another natural product you meet with every day is palm oil.  You’ll find it in margarine, crisps, chocolate, cream cheese, and hundreds of other foods and cosmetics.  It is also being used for biofuels – an alternative to fossil fuels.  However, the biodiversity of an oil palm plantation is massively lower than that of a natural forest or peatland which it replaces, and the expansion of these plantations to provide for our consumption is growing.  Can you cut down on palm oil consumption? Do some research on the web about palm oil, and see what might be done.


    Of course, if you try to cut out palm oil, or other problematic products, you might find yourself taking more time in shopping and paying more for things.  This is where for most of us it starts getting difficult.  However, if we really care then this is a major way in which we can make a difference.  As long as consumers keep on buying products which damage biodiversity, and don’t ask the questions, then the damage will continue.


    Finally, let government know that you care.  Talk to your local council, your MP.  Raise issues and ask questions.  Ultimately biodiversity will be maintained by political action and will.  Having policies is one thing, making sure those policies are implemented is another, so Government needs to know that we care.

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    Sep 23, 2010 3:05 PM (in response to flowersmasters)
    Re: How can I best help to protect bio diversity?

    Every little helps, here are a few tips...


    • Look at your green footprint - don't wast energy, recycle etc - it helps reduce the impact on nature and biodiversity
    • If you have an outdoor space plant some wildflowers and creat lillte wood piles to encourage insects
    • Volunteer with a local Wildlife Trust, to help look after and monitor a habitat near you
    • Use your purchasing power to buy things which are biodiversity responsible - such as 'Conservation Grade' farm produce
    • Don't cut your lawn but do have a healthy compost heap!
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    Sep 24, 2010 10:58 AM (in response to flowersmasters)
    Re: How can I best help to protect bio diversity?
    I think being a responsible shopper is a major way to help protect biodiversity - find out where what you are buying comes from, the green credentials of the company you are sourcing it from, etc. It takes time at first, but there are ethical consumer guides out there to help.
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