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Sep 24, 2010 11:18 AM

Discussion, understanding and action

I agree with the points Chris Lyal makes in his first Big Nature Debate blog post about the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Nagoya Conference: the complex language used in policies and material about the conference causes a real barrier to discussion, understanding and action. And as Chris points out, 'If we do not fully understand what these policies are, or even know they exist, there is little chance that Government can take the next important steps.'


I think the UK International Year of Biodiversity (IYB-UK) website gives a good general introduction to Nagoya and biodiversity in general, and the Natural History Museum website also has an informative section on biodiversity. But in general people have to already be interested in the first place to find these resources. How can we raise awareness among the portion of society who don't yet care? How critical is it that we do so?


And what about after Nagoya? I think, even if we think there's insufficient media coverage now, it tends to drop when there's not a big event (such as IYB or the conference) to hook news stories onto. There's a general perception that biodiversity isn't newsworthy. I think press offices and media agencies could do alot to help the situation - they can take the time not always available to news outlets to build information into features and interesting news stories, to find that interesting hook, but there needs to be funding/the political will to have media campaigns. Are there plans to keep something like the IYB-UK website going after the official IYB year is over?


What do other people think are the best ways to raise awareness of the issues and what we can all do to help preserve biodiversity?

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