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Aug 25, 2014 10:03 AM

Dug up at a thrift store, Dyrosaraus skull??

I picked this skull up at a thrift store, of all places. I Know it looks similar to a Dyrosaraus skull, but there are some major differences that I see on this skull, than the Dyrosaraus skulls I found online. One difference I noticed is that the eyes are further apart, and on the sides of the skull, instead on top of the skull. The other difference that I noticed is that my skull tapers gradually, and the skulls I found online taper drastically from the skull to the snout. There may be more differences that I haven't noticed also. If someone can please help me to identify this skull, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much.


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    Aug 25, 2014 12:04 PM (in response to Little Dreamer)
    Re: Dug up at a thrift store, Dyrosaraus skull??

    Welcome to NaturePlus.


    It is a crocodilian, though I'm note sure which one; Dyrosaurus is a possibility


    It sounds like you are in the USA. If so, a locally known genus such as Hyposaurus (in the same family - Dyrosauridae) is worth considering



    I wish I had a key for Dyrosauridae and/or Crocodylomorpha.


    I can't tell from your photos, but if you bought it in a thrift sale, it might be a cast rather than the real thing (casts can be done very convincingly).



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        Aug 25, 2014 8:53 PM (in response to Little Dreamer)
        Re: Dug up at a thrift store, Dyrosaraus skull??

        You're very welcome.

        Thank you for your praise, however unwarranted by virtue of the fact that I did not actually give you an ID. You are most gracious.


        It is a shame when fossils become detached from their context. Knowing where, when and by whom a fossil was collected can add greatly to its informational value. No chance, I suppose, of finding out from the thrift store just who brought the fossils to the store?


        You could try us with the other fossils.


        From my point of view, it is always interesting to have a new ID question. Part of me hopes it will be something I recognize, at least partly. The rest of me is a tad anxious in case it is something that stumps me, shows me up, at least to start with. However, with the latter I have a chance of researching and making an ID - to the benefit both of the inquirer and me!


        Mike (in Cyprus)

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