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Sep 17, 2012 4:59 PM

Mosquitos in Scotland

I live in the Lammermuir Hills, East Lothian, Scotland. This year there have been lots of midges, which are a real pest. However, I am sitting looking at a mosquito on the wall of my study. There has been quite a plague of these over the past few weeks. I've killed hundreds, although I don't seem to have been bitten as yet... at least not that I have noticed. I have never seen a mosquito in Scotland before. Is this a rare event, or does the midge have competition? Here are a couple of pictures. I'd be glad of info, advice on eradication, etc.






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    Apr 20, 2013 1:47 PM (in response to davidW)
    Re: Mosquitos in Scotland
    Eddie Coyle, Clydebank


    We really do have a mosquitoe problem in scotland.
    I  have to keep assuring people, these are not midges. These guys are  fifty times the size of a midge. You can clearly see them burying their  snout through your skin to do their parasitical deeds. My experiences  have been while fishing in the chrianlarich area. Over the past few  years they have been in evidence. During a whole day's excursion , in  the right conditions,you might encounter four or five insects annoying  you. Their destinctive buzz reminding you of warmer climes.
    This  year however, the game has changed. A few weeks ago I found myself  immersed in a cloud of insects, the likes of which I have never seen  abroad. They took a liking to the colour of my trousers and I could  clearly see at least forty insects on them at one time.
    Discretion  being the better part of valour,  I beat a hasty retreat to the top of a  hill where the wind defeated them. Not however before I had sustained  over thirty bites, despite the fact that I was clad in sensible fishing  clothes and doused in insect repelent.
    Luckily I normally have  little or no reaction to insect bites: clegg or midge bites have almost  no visible effect. These guys however left large raised, red areas which  itched for over a week. I am concerned about the state that anyone who  suffers from strong reactions to insect bites would be in.
    I am  surprised that I have not seen more about this on the mainstream media.  Maybe my encounter was a very isolated one. My concern is that  uninformed and unsuspecting  people may  wander into a vulnerable  sitution and be in real trouble.

    Might this be the case, or am I just making a mosquitoe out of a midge hill.

    I would wecome any respose.

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        May 30, 2014 7:40 PM (in response to davidW)
        Re: Mosquitos in Scotland

        10 miles north west of Inverness i just had 3 mosquitos land on my hand today its been the hottest day of this summer 30th may 2014 clear blue skies and hot sun,i heard the high speed buzzing noise of the mosquito,its the first time i have ever seen a mosquito in Scotland,i started getting itching over my hands and up my forearms and the skin around my knuckles became swollen about an hour later.

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    Jul 10, 2014 2:26 AM (in response to davidW)
    Re: Mosquitos in Scotland

    I can confirm a mosquito successfully landed in my bedroom (Colinton Village, Edinburgh) at aproximately 1:50am. I always sleep with the window open and was rudely awakened by our cat pouncing to catch it on the wall behind my bed. It's a weird experience because I've only ever seen these things on holiday in the Spain, Portugal, France and Egypt and was eaten alive every time. At the minute (2:25am), the temperature outside's around 15ºc, probably ideal for the little blighters. I just hope that was a rare isolated incident, it's worrying to think that we might have to start using mosquito plugs and repellants, it's too hot to sleep with the window closed. Midges I can just about put up with. I trapped it in a glass and put it in my flatmates room (who's fast asleep) .. I never had the heart to kill it.

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    Jul 16, 2014 8:45 AM (in response to davidW)
    Re: Mosquitos in Scotland

    II've just been bitten this morning by a mosquito in my bedroom and I live in Renfrewshire. I heard the unmistakeable buzz and saw it flying around. I recognise it from holidays in France, Italy and Spain where I get badly bitten. Midges and clegs are the bain of my life in Scotland so I'm gutted to find I've now got a mosquito problem too!

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