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May 16, 2014 11:20 PM

Can you identify mystery beast poo in attic in West Highlands?

A mystery beast - something large, scary and smelly seems to have moved into the attic of our house in the West Highlands... It has even been heard moving furniture.  And now it turns out that there is a pile of giant poos in just one specific part of the attic.


Can anyone identify it?


It's way too big for bats. Too big for squirrel. A giant rat? But it not in 'pellet' form - it seems to be long fat strands the thickness of your finger. A wild cat? Otter? Badger? Some kind of escapee... panther? Mink? Wolverine? Way too big for a squirrel... Possibly a fox - although do they pile up their faeces like that in such a large space (certainly I dont think a dog would bother..) Moreover it doesnt really smell of fox. Clue: we are near forrest, wild moorland, farmland and sea.


But it's no joke because the urine is leaking through the plaster. And it stinks! This beast has GOT to go. My siblings are saying time to call in the verminator! But it just might be something exotic and rare such as a pine martin...


What is this mystery beast?




With thanks



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