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May 16, 2014 8:49 PM

Does anyone know what these plants are please?

      Hi there,

It would be of great help if anyone could help me identify these plants. Sorry some of the images are the wrong side up.

Many thanks!








This plant is a bit over 1m in height.



Looks like tulip foliage, is it?



Is the white flowering plant a white bluebell?


This was taken in a woodland and I am curious to know what the white flowers are?


Is the central plant a lily and what is the other plant surrounding it?



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    May 16, 2014 9:42 PM (in response to FM)
    Re: Does anyone know what these plants are please?

    1. Leycesteria formosa?

    2. Colchicum maybe (the flowers and leaves come at different times of the year)

    but might be Tulipa or Allium; I don't think it is Hosta

    3. Viola riviniana; a self-sown derivative of a particular plant that was probably a stronger purplish colour, which would have placed it in the Purple Leaved Group. These are often incorrectly labelled as Viola labradorica.

    4. a white bluebell (Scilla)

    5. Cyclamen and Dicentra in flower, with Geum and Galium foliage;

    can't see enough of the white-flowered plants (but they're probably in the Cruciferae)

    6. in the middle: Helleborus?; surrounding: Lilium, maybe (I'm tempted to suggest Alstroemeria, but I don't think it is right)

    7. Abies or Picea; need to pull a leaf off and see if the scar is round and flush with the twig (Abies) or squarish and forming a stub (Picea)



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      May 19, 2014 12:57 PM (in response to MikeHardman)
      Re: Does anyone know what these plants are please?

      Hi Mike & FM,


      I agree with your ids for the first four images Mike.


      No.5 - I can't see Cyclamen flowers, only Dicentra, but the white flower is the white variant of Herb Robert - Geranium robertianum - you can just make out the 5th petal stuck to two of the other 4 and some leaves below. The rosette of silvery leaves are that of Lychnis coronaria, a member of the Campion family.


      No.6 - The large central plant is a Lily, most likely a Martagon Lily or possibly a Turk's cap - which both have the whorls of leaves up the stem, though the leaves of this plant looks more like the Martagon to me. The smaller plants around it could be seedlings, epsecially if the larger plants have been in situ for a few years. A closer pic of the smaller plants would help, but time will tell too... Nice Fritillarias in the background.


      As for the conifer, the blunt needles make me favour Abies over Picea, but the needle test will verify :-) I think the conifer in the pic with the violet is a Picea, for contrast...




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