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Apr 28, 2014 11:45 AM

Fossil Hip Bone With Teeth Marks Or Just A Nice Looking Rock?



My name is Ben and this is the first time I have posted on here. I found this very nice organic looking rock whilst out walking in Leigh Woods, Bristol, UK. I saw two bone like protrusions sticking out of the mud and investigated further to find this beautiful rock which reminded me of a hip bone. The rock does have some intersting cracks in it that look very much like what I have seen in bones, a very organic shape and has a lot of small fossil shell debris on it certain places. As my imagination started to run wild, I imagined that the two complete holes and a third uncomplete hole were puncture holes made by a big predator. I'm not totally convinced this is a fossil but I like the rock none the less. For scale I have included a twenty pence piece in one of the shots. I would appreciate any comments on this to help me idnetify it.


Many thanks




PS. I found this rock near a pit which was about 5 foot deep, I think it was man made structure and is very close to a iron age hill fort. I like to imagine that what ever it is, a iron age version of me found this and thought that looks nice, I think I'll tke it home!


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