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Apr 25, 2014 12:34 AM

Please help ID this spider found on bedroom wall, arachnophobic

Please help me identify this spider, I've literally just found it climbing up my sons bedroom wall as he slept. He put an open water bottle against it and it literally launched itself into the bottle. Never seen anything like this before and I have diagnosed arachnophobia so consequently have gone into full blown panic that it's a false widow spider. I live in South Cheshire should region be any use,

  • Hi Jayen,


    It's not a false widow. The pic's not great but it's very likely to be a lace webbed spider (Amaurobius species), a common spider around & often in our homes.


    Often when disturbed, spiders will drop & play dead, or as a means to evade predators, drop to the floor then escape.


    I see these regularly around my own home, I'm not keen on them, but wouldn't really call them a problem.


    I was an arachnophobe myself until moving to where I am now & finding myself inundated with a great number & variety of spiders, including 3 species of false widow (don't worry, I'm a couple of hundred miles South of you) - after a few months of sustained exposure I ran out of the energy required to panic & just began to accept them. I also realised that even the false widows don't relish encounters with humans & would much rather stay out of our way. No British spiders are actualy dangerous...gruesome, hairy, unwelcome? Maybe, but that's the extent of it.


    If I found one I didn't like the look of I'd stick it in a jar, with some cover to hide behind, spray a little water up the inside wall of the jar every now & then...after a couple of days they seemed to get lethargic & withdrawn & I'd feel sorry for them & let them go.


    You can make a cone out of paper, fold the point over & use this to scoop up any unwanted spiders & drop outside, I also cut the bottom off a flexible pop bottle, screw the cap on & use this the same way - either they drop into it if on a wall/window, or can be tricked into running into it if on the floor. The smooth plastic makes it virtually impossible for them to climb out until it's time to tip them out.

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