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Apr 14, 2014 8:31 AM

please could some Id this spider, it's quite aggressive

This spider has been in our conservatory for some time, it does not like noise and if you go near it it will defend itself, please could someone tell me what spider this is and how I can get rid? During the day it lives in between the wall, it comes out early evening.

Many thanks

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    Apr 14, 2014 11:59 AM (in response to Matt)
    Re: please could some Id this spider, it's quite aggressive

    Hi Matt,


    You say she is aggressive & defends herself? Can you expand on that? The spiders are typically quite skittish, but thought to have poor eyesight, maybe vibrations in the web are causing her to dart out & investigate? I have one in my living room, she's quite the opposite and bolts for cover if I move suddenly from a few feet away.


    The photos doesn't show great detail, but she looks a good candidate for Steatoda nobilis, the noble false widow.


    She sounds like she's well established, she probably won't go far from her crack in the wall, just patrolling the web? They're not like house spiders, they don't wander the house at night. If out of the way, it may be easier to leave her be. Obviously, if you have concerns, you'll be happier with her gone, but they can be tricky to catch.


    Balanced info on the species here:



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