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Mar 27, 2014 1:01 PM

Need help identifying this bug I found in my bed..

Four months ago I went to the doctor with bites that kept coming, and itched alot, since august. My regular GP said mosquito, but I went to a specialist four months ago that said it was flea bites, and that it wouldn't occur again (my itching was due to old bites at the time that had gotten infected, and old bites could turn up as itching sites several weeks after). But two days ago I got a new one on my knee, and yesterday I felt itching on my hand. Went up to look at it, and when I got back to bed I randomly saw this bug on the sheets in front of me.
It doesn't look like a flea or lice to me, but I'm no expert :-)
If relevant, I live in Copenhagen. In august I lived in an apartment with two other girls, and actually the day before I saw the specialist, I moved to my own place. So perhaps this bug (and it's family..eeeew) has followed my bed or furniture and has "rested" for four months?
Thankful for any advice, but most importantly, the name of the bug would help, then the internet can tell me how to get rid of it when cleaning and washing laundry does not help.

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    Mar 28, 2014 8:16 AM (in response to gophe)
    Re: Need help identifying this bug I found in my bed..

    almost sure to be a carpet beetle.


    note he has wings, this is how he's ended up in your room. if you were infested you would see many more on thre inside of windows, trying to get out.


    these fantastic insects only feed from natural fibres, not blood, and are occasionally found in birds nests.


    from the limited information you have submitted, i would say its your lifestyle thats causing these "REACTIONS" not insects.

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