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Mar 25, 2014 5:23 AM

Reverse mealworms?

I live in Cornwall and there are tiny beetles in my bedroom. When they're young they are translucent and so small they're almost impossible to see unless they're moving. They grow to be about a millimetre-and-a-half and can move impressively fast in short bursts. It's incredibly difficult to get a picture as merely brushing them with a finger will kill them. I can't tell for sure but they seem to be attracted to dust, paper and clothes.


While investigating a discarded sheet that had a high concentration of the critters, I straightened out a fold and found several small white worms with brown heads - like a cross between a maggot and a caterpillar surrounded by clusters of what I assume is fecal matter. The sheet doesn't appear to be damaged so I don't know what they're eating.


I have no idea what they are but considering the large numbers in close proximity, I'm wondering if the beetles pupate into the worms or whether I have two different sets of bugs.


I've seen the beetles in a friend's house and I suspect they came to me in a book I let him borrow not too long ago. I haven't found any clues on the internet by myself despite a lot of searching so I thought I'd ask here.


Thanks in advance.

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    Mar 25, 2014 9:37 AM (in response to hashimashadoo)
    Re: Reverse mealworms?



    Its only a guess but I think you have two species Silverfish nymphs and Cloths Moth larvae


    You need to post pictures for a good ID



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