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Jan 27, 2014 11:40 PM

Help Please

Can anybody help me identify this spider, it was on the wall of my house by the tool shed.

I think my husband may have disturbed it from it's hiding place. I was wondering if if was a member of

The false widow family. I have young children and I was worried about them being exposed to it and also as I have

Found one, are there likely to be others .

Thanks in advance.

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    Jan 30, 2014 7:12 PM (in response to Colette)
    Re: Help Please

    Hi Colette,


    Yes this is Steatoda nobilis. There are shy & skittish usually, if it is disturbed it will most likely bolt for cover. They tend to stay high off the ground in areas with a lot of "through traffic", but can be found sometimes at ground level in quieter areas. Bites are usually the result of a spider being crushed against the skin, a spider you can see high up on an outside wall poses no real threat. They are territorial, not great travellers and tend to be fairly spaced out, I have seen adult females and maybe a young spiderling in fairly close proximity (occasional males for short periods earlier in the year), but they don't live in nests, or colonies.


    I don't tolerate them in the bathroom, or bedroom, but I don't mind established females, if out of the way, in other parts of the house. Males I put outside (unless they escape whilst having thier mugshot taken in the living room).


    Females tend to hang in their webs in the evenings so are usually fairly conspicuous & easy to avoid.

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