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Dec 15, 2013 12:44 PM

Spider identification for a spider my son found please!

My son found this earlier - just wondering what type it is Let me know if the pictures are no good.

If its something I need to get out of the house as I have young kids, do let me know, otherwise I'll let it go under the stairs (I'm not bothered by spiders they eat more annoying things lol)


  • Hi FerretDragon,


    It's a cupboard spider (Steatoda grossa), one of the false widow species.


    They largely stay hidden, preferring quieter, darker places. I mostly see wandering males, on the hunt for a mate.


    Their behaviour (shy, docile) means that we are unlikely to clash, but they have been implicated in bites. It is not dangerous, but I wouldn't want to put a bite to the test. I just remove any from the bedroom/bathroom, I let them be elsewhere. If you're worried about potential bites to your children, put it outside.

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