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Dec 10, 2013 12:00 PM

Can someone help identify what these bugs are? Urgent help!

I have been getting really itchy, I noticed i have these tiny dots on my bud. So, i used a sticky pad and caught some of them. I noticed, Everytime i cleaned an area of these black dots. They will always come back just after a few minutes, So i was just sitting in the middle of my bed catching them around me in a circle.


They seem to crawl into my butt crack, eyes, nose a lot and they cause intense itching. Whenever, I feel an itch I find one of these tiny black dots on my body and once i removed it the itch stops. These seem to be the babies, they seem to grow bigger but i have been killing whatever i see in my bedroom ferociously so I wasn't able to catch any of the bigger ones right now.

  • Awful!


    I understand it is difficult to photo such small creatures, but I can't really make them out well enough from your photo.


    It doesn't sound like fleas (you would have mentioned jumping, perhaps flat-ness, and they'd all be about the same size). Mites is a possibility (there are quite a few different ones); some can cause not just itching but more serious skin conditions.


    Whatever... I strongly suggest you call your local environmental health officer. That should result in a visit and/or you could take your specimens to the office. (I am presuming you are in the UK.)


    Good luck,


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    • As Mike says, we need more information. The image does not help.

      To me the contents in the image appear to be debris..... what colour is your ceiling ?


      Do the insects you see crawl ? From my experience bird mites are almost opaque.


      Do you have pets ?


      Where are you ?

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        • Being in the US, it is harder for us to help effectively (I think most answerers on this forum are UK-based).


          However, I suggest:


          1. Still try to find the equivalent of what we in the UK would call our local environmental health officer. They should know the critters in your area, symptoms, and treatments (for you and/or your property)


          2. Cover your mattress and sheet completely with a single sheet of polythene. Make sure there are none of the little black beasts on you (comb your hair over the sink, too). Lie down and see what happens. I am guessing the black things will appear as usual. But the question will be on which side of the plastic? If they are below, they must be living in the mattress. If they are above, and they are not coming from you, they are coming from the ceiling, dropping from the air, or they are flying from elsewhere. I hope they are coming from the mattress, since that would be easiest to deal with - you'd might need to burn it, as steam cleaning could be ineffective.


          I am not a qualified advisor on these matters: I just offer some suggestions; if you follow them, I cannot be held responsible. Thank you for your understanding.



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            • Have you recenty, prior to complaing about itching, changed soaps or wash powder?

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              • Theoretically, if it is a bug infestation of some sort in your mattress, it would be possible to kill the bugs by putting the mattress in a freezer room (such as meat factories might use). You'd need to wrap it completely in polythene first, ensuring a complete seal. But even if you did that, I'm not sure how you could convince such a factory to let you do it!

                If you had to destroy the mattress, you might? be able to claim on your insurance?


                Just had a rethink...

                You state: "Whenever, I feel an itch I find one of these tiny black dots on my body and once i removed it the itch stops."

                In that case, they are unlikely to be mites. If they were mites, the itching would continue, I'm pretty sure. With mites, the human reaction is to insertion of eggs into the skin or injection of flesh solvent - both of which cause symptoms well after the mite has gone.

                So what else could it be?

                I wonder if there are particles in the air, slowly settling, and seeming to work their way towards you because you create a dip in the bed. I know: it is not a great theory. But we're clutching at straws. Aerial particles, eg. from fires, can cause allergic reactions - depending on the person and the particles.

                Ah - but you also found them on the side of the bed...

                Well, in any case, have you found them on other surfaces, eg. window cill, chest of crawers, bedside table?


                One way or another, I hope you get it sorted out pronto.



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