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Nov 14, 2013 8:02 PM

Stinkhorns! How to get rid?

Hi. I'm asking this question for my parents, so please bear with me. The last couple of years when we've had warm damp weather, they have been plagued by stinkhorns. They appear very quickly amongst flower beds which are quite densely populated. They're white and tend to have green slime around the top. Their roots are incredibly fine and white and spread quite a distance. They're very 'phallic' in appearance and grow quite high. They smell vile. Their roots go quite a way under the soil and they reappear without fail, regardless of how much digging and clearing up is done. They're also covered in flies as soon as they appear. Does this description enable anyone to identify which type of stinkhorn this may be, and how (if at all), my folks can get rid of them and stop them coming back?

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      Nov 16, 2013 1:06 AM (in response to Buttonmoon)
      Re: Stinkhorns! How to get rid?

      Oh go on then - I'll throw in a comment.


      I can't see why you want rid of them - ok they are a bit smelly, a bit rude looking (ooh err mrs) and they do attract the flies, but they are beautiful fungi. I had these for  several years in my raised vegetable beds and concluded that the sores had come in with chipped bark mulch that I had used. They were present for 2-3 years but then petered out. I think you will find the same, they may emerge off a coupe of years but as their good source is used they are likely to disappear.

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