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Nov 12, 2013 2:10 AM

Stick Caterpillar found in wardrobe

Hello, i have just come across a stick caterpillar in my wardrobe which i immediately identified from its strange way of walking, i am worried i will find more or an infestation, eggs? What should i be looking for? I guess their eggs would be very small? Please help, ive always kept mith repellants in my wardrobe but it obviously doesnt work! If youre wandering, i popped the little fellow outside in the garden

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    Nov 12, 2013 7:21 AM (in response to polastav)
    Re: Stick Caterpillar found in wardrobe

    Nice photo.

    On its food plant, of course, it would be well camouflaged.

    Here's a relative (another geometer) that is more at home.


    I suspect he arrived in your wardrobe by accident, having travelled on a piece of clothing.

    I do not know of any geometrid moth caterpillars that would be interested in clothes/wardrobes, either for food or pupation.


    Yes, the eggs are tiny. But even if you looked very closely, I doubt that you would find any, let alone an infestation.


    For those that have seen photos of such a caterpillar but have not seen it 'walking'...

    It makes progress in little loops, arching its back to bring its back legs up to just behind its front legs, then stretching out and taking hold with its front legs again. This behaviour gave rise to the name 'looper'. In America, the common name is 'span worm'. This is also how the family got its name, geometridae - because the mode of locomotion seems to be one of measuring the earth.


    By the way, if you want to keep moths out, you need to use a moth repellent. 'Mith repellants' are good only for repelling miths!



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