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Nov 8, 2013 10:13 AM

Identify Window-Bug?



I was wondering if I might have help identifying the insect I found on my window earlier today (named Window-Bug for lack of better inspiration; will give it a proper name when I know what to alliterate with!). Sadly it vanished before I had time to take a photograph, but hopefully a description will in some way help.


It was probably 30-40mm long from tip of antennae to end of abdomen, a reddish-brown colour all over except for its wings (two pairs, I think, but they were folded along its back so I couldn't really tell), which were transparent with black veins running through them. It had long antennae (almost as long as its body) but no tail-parts. Head was relatively large compared with the rest of it, eyes elliptical and black. Its waist tapered like a wasp's, before going into a long, thin abdomen - either segmented or striped, I couldn't really tell, but still that same reddish-brown - which became ever so slightly wider towards the tip. Three pairs of legs, each with a normal sort of 'knee joint' (don't know the proper term) and a little black foot part, all of about the same length (just over 10mm?).


I've searched in various books and on various websites, but can't seem to find it. Since putting the pond in the garden, we've been getting all sorts of interesting creatures, but I've never seen one of these before.


Any ideas?



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    Nov 8, 2013 12:49 PM (in response to BethH)
    Re: Identify Window-Bug?

    It sounds like it may have been an ichneumon wasp of some kind. There are many species, some of which look confusingly similar and are hard to identify, but they generally have that stretched-out wasp shape. These are solitary living parasitic wasps which lay eggs in other invertebrates eg. caterpillars. The larvae feed on the unfortunate host when they hatch.


    Have a look at the pictures that I found at this link to see if anything looks close:


    This is worth a read too:



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