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Nov 4, 2013 4:03 PM

Can you please ID this Spider please

Hi There, Unfortunately I was one that was freaked when i heard the news of the "False Widow" and with an experiemental 3 year old running around the house, I thought It would be best to ask the question.


A couple of days ago I noticed a few of these spiders in the corners of my 1st floor windows and panic set in.


They were quite facinating, i assume they set up home outside this window, as I leave the light on at night and after watching for 10 minutes, many flying insects got tangled in the spiders web, resulting in the spider dashing from the corner to collect its prey.


The next day i noticed the spiders were wrapped in there web very close to the corners of the windows. I wanted to get a picture so i managed to wash them off with some water and have this one in a jar.


I would really appreciate if someone could ID this spider for me. I have noticed much smaller ones around the house where it doesn't look like the abdomen had developed yet. Including one in my sons bed.




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    Nov 4, 2013 4:17 PM (in response to BenC)
    Re: Can you please ID this Spider please

    Hi Ben,


    The spider in your photo is a false widow (Steatoda nobilis), however, I would examine the smaller spiders quite carefully...they are unlikely to all be Steatodas as they like a bit of space between each other/competing spiders, but live quite happily surrounded by smaller species like Zygiella x-notata. Z. x-notata is often mistaken for a false widow, if the spiders you have been observing weave classic orb webs, hanging vertically parallel to the window pane, then they aren't likely to be Steatodas. S. nobilis weaves a messy, shelf-like web & tends to hang in it horizontally, belly up.


    Here is a photo of Z. x-notata (colours can variable from black with silver/gold markings, through to white/silvery abdomens...




    Regards, Mark.

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        Nov 4, 2013 5:07 PM (in response to BenC)
        Re: Can you please ID this Spider please

        Hi Ben,


        Photos of the spiders in question would really help. I'd recommend removing any that you are not happy/have doubts about about. Bear in mind that false widows aren't actually dangerous, the bite isn't anywhere near deadly, painful for a couple of days maybe. Baby false widows are likely to disperse when small...all the better if you can help them on their way, but even if some were to remain, they're quite docile & not aggressive. I don't like them in the bedroom or bathroom, but don't mind them eslewhere around the home. They hang in their webs in the evenings, usually build them up off the ground, so can be easy to spot & avoid/remove etc.


        Regards, Mark.

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