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Nov 2, 2013 3:10 PM

Help is this a false widow spider?

Hi found this what looks like a false widow spider.  Caught it and kept it in a tin was so scared moved the family round to stay at my mums I'm just wondering if anyone has seen anything like this before and if it is dangerous.  Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

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    Nov 2, 2013 7:34 PM (in response to Galpaldee)
    Re: Help is this a false widow spider?

    Hi Galpaldee,


    I say this as an ex-arachnophobe, who has a host of intensely embarrassing "screaming like a girl & running away from spiders" stories ;-) - your reaction to finding a spider in your home is grossly disproportional to any tangible risk faced by you, or your family.


    This is not a false widow spider, but even if it had been, they are not dangerous...a bite may have similar symptoms to a bee sting, a bit of reddening & swelling for a couple of days, maybe feeling a little under the weather. people with compromised immunity & allergies should excercise caution, any signs of infection (as with any bite/sting/cut/graze) should be examined by a health professional.


    The spider in your photo is an Amaurobius species, I can't tell which from the photo. They are also known as lace weavers and very common, native spiders, found on the outside & occasionally inside our homes. They are able to bite, but this is very unlikely (these are the most common species of spider I see in my own home) and, again, symptoms may vary from a pin prick, to a pin prick with a little aching & swelling.


    Regards, Mark.

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