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Oct 31, 2013 12:05 PM

Strange spider

Hi all


Just wondered if you could help identify this spider, i have had a recent fancination with spiders and enjoy looking for them, i have found lots of different types including the infamous false widow, hundreds of orb weavers, mouse spiders, a tube web and last night i thought i saw a snake-back spider.

This one however is baffling me, it lives in my garage on the ceiling. At first i thought it may be a cave spider as it hates light, shining a light towards it makes it flee into a crack, i thought cave spiders were brown? This is jet black with no markings that i can see.


Sorry about the photo, its quite hard to get a picture when the flash makes him run




Size wise it's body and head are around the 20p peice size and around the 50p with the legs so again pointing to a cave spider

I live in Stevenage in north Hertfordshire if that helps

I have attached the file in case you want to zoom in


Many thanks



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    Oct 31, 2013 2:27 PM (in response to booney907)
    Re: Strange spider

    Hard to tell from that angle & photo size, but if you're sure it's not Steatoda nobilis (you can get very dark ones, wherethe markings have all nbut faded at the rear of the abdomen), then Steatoda grossa is also a good candidate. These are typically quite shy and prefer darker areas, away from heavy footfall.

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