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Oct 30, 2013 9:45 AM

ID? False Widow?

im desperate to get an answer :/


im so terrified of spiders since the reports recently..


I took the photo this morning on the way to see my horse, this was outside my house


I suffer so much anxiety and i really think this is a false widow, im sorry its not the best pic, went to see if it was still there and it wasnt :/

please help :///

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    Oct 30, 2013 10:26 AM (in response to LouJenkins)
    Re: ID? False Widow?

    Hi Lou - the recent outrageous reporting of 'False Widows' has a lot of people running scared and has done great damaged to the already maligned and unjustified reputation of spiders in general.


    Your spider (image cropped below) is a juvenile example of the Noble False Widow spider, Steatoda nobilis. In my experience well marked examples like this are males, which is evident in their last moult.


    Please do not be unduly concerned by the recent shocking media reporting - much of these have been contrived be just that, 'shocking', with little basis to the stories.


    These spiders usually occupy their webs between dusk and dawn and are not usually seen during the day. You have probably been living alongside them for many years unwittingly and I guess you have not suffered a bite incidence or been otherwise tormented by them. Although they are recorded as biting the incidence is very low given the numbers of them and the numbers of us and is in fact extremely unlikely.


    Please read the following links for further information on this group of spiders in the UK and hopefully this will put things in perspective for you and reassure you.





    nobilis from forum.JPG

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      Re: ID? False Widow?

      I think this is Zygiella (no light band round front of abdomen, two-tone cephalothorax)

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        Oct 30, 2013 12:16 PM (in response to jaguarondi)
        Re: ID? False Widow?

        Well challenged jag - on second consideration I agree Zygiella it is. Looking at the original image (in Firefox rather than the distorted view we get using Explorer) you can see an orb web. Its hunched appearance looked more like that of nobilis, but looking again i think this is just caused by an oblique camera angle.


        Anyway, enough of these excuses - you are correct (I hang my head in shame).


        So Lou, this one’s even less to worry about its a ubiquitous and very common species, one of the commonest in the land.

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