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Oct 30, 2013 9:16 AM

Terrified! False Widow?

Basically, im 18, suffer anxiety and am terrified of spiders.


When i was on the way to the stables this morning, i took a photo of a cobweb outside my house. i like photography.

came home about an hour ago.

looked at the photo.


im SURE its a false widow in the mtop left corner.


im petrified. Im literally having a panic attack.

Iver heard all about them lately and im so scared. its doing my head in :/

I just went to see if it was still there and it wasnt!


im actually almost being sick, thats how scared i am :/ ughh!

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    Oct 30, 2013 10:33 AM (in response to LouJenkins)
    Re: Terrified! False Widow?

    See reply here:


    The good news is that you appear to be overcoming your fear of spiders - taking pictures of webs and learning about their biology and the non-risks that they pose is great therapy.


    I once had a phobia of wasps and if bothered by one would run through a crowded cafe in a straight line leaving upset tables and people covered in their lunches and beverages behind me. By learning more about the biology of wasps and by greater exposure to them over the years I have to say that I am now fully cured of this phobia and I am the person least likely to panic if a wasp or two flies around our picnic.


    You too can get there - watch this spider forum regularly and learn more about the common spiders found in our homes and gardens.

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