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Oct 29, 2013 2:21 PM

Please can you identify this whitish bug I found in our living room?

'Today (29th October 2013) I found this white bug crawling slowly around on my (horizontal) laptop screen.  It does not move fast.  It's about 5 or 6 mm long.  I may have brought it into the living room on some logs I brought in for the stove.  We have cats, so they may have brought it in.  We have visitors too, from Ireland.  Not seen one like this before.  I've attached some pictures, some in natural light, and some under bright LED light. 


I've looked at pictures on Google, and tried using one of those identification guides, but I haven't really got anywhere.


Please could somebody ID this for me.



  • It might be the larva of one of the lacewing fly species of which there are several in the UK. The larvae are characterised by those sickle shaped jaws, with which they munch through aphids. Not sure whether or not this is the normal time of year for larvae to be at large, but they are sold as boiological pest control so perhaps it came from someone's greenhouse...



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