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Oct 27, 2013 1:06 PM

Baby false widow?

Hi All,


I am completely new to this forum but wondered whether anyone can help with this little mite please.   I spotted it in the top corner of my bedroom window this morning which has given me the creeps a little. It is only small (probably about 6mm) but I wondered whether it is a baby False Widow (I have no idea what size they are when they hatch)?  I live in Leigh, Lancashire and although I understand they are not this far 'north' as yet, the markings do look rather like the photos I have seen so far of a False Widow.    In the time I have taken taking the photos is has sput a web in the glass and is hanging upside down in it. If you double click on these pictures the markings are quite distinctive.


Any thoughts ?



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    Oct 27, 2013 1:27 PM (in response to MishMash)
    Re: Baby false widow?

    Hi Mishmash,


    This is a harmless, Zygiella species, most likely Z. x-notata, one of the missing sector orb weavers. Very common in & around houses.


    As you can see the head is light brown around the sides, with a thick, dark central stripe. Steatodas (false widows) tend to have a more uniform colouring accross the whole of the head. Also note that on the abdomen, there is a fine, dark line, running down the centre of the markings, this is not typical of false widows. Lastly, the spider in the photo has very clear stripes around the legs, male false widows & adult females tend to have more uniform colouring on the legs, though sub-adult females can have some striping.


    Regards, Mark.

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