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Oct 25, 2013 5:20 PM

Suggestions for buying fossils please

I am buying a good fossil for Christmas, but it don't know what to get.





Is a megalodon tooth that would be 6 inches if it didn't have the tip missing worth £125?  I am interested in megalodon sharks, but I don't buy broken or unrare teeth; I only buy ones that are either huge or complete.  I would appriciate some answers on this because I will be ordering my Christmas stuff soon.  Is a 6 inch tooth huge, or does it have to be more like 7 inch to be huge?




Also, I could buy a huge ammonite.  How much do large ammonites usually cost?  I guess I would not find a huge ammonite from the Yorkshire Coast, but I would probably buy one from Lyme regis or summer set.  I have a few reasonably large Dactyleoceras communes from whitby, but my ammonite collection isn't quite as good as I want it to be.  Is there any good websites that you suggest that sell any large ammonites?




Do you know any websites that sell dinosaur footprints?  I have wanted a footprint for ages, but no - matter what website I look on they are all sold.  How much do they usually cost?



Also, where can I but a dinosaur bite-mark bone?  I am very interested in bite mark bones, to think they have once been the victim of a large predetor attack, but I can't find any on the internet.  Do you know any websites that sell them?




Is paleo direct a good website?  I am thinking of getting an tyrannosaurus tooth for about 300 dollars, but I just wanted to ask before I bought one- are they worth that much?



And finally, what good websites sell good dinosaur bones for about £125?

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