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Oct 11, 2013 3:49 PM

please ID this spider?

Since the latest headlines on the false widows, i have not been sleeping and am terrified of being upstairs.

im 18 years old and suffer extreme anxiety problems.


This spider was just crawling about in my room. i spectated until it got away from my door.

im surprised i stayed calm that long.


anyway, sorry for bad picture. i wasnt going to get closer.

It was dark brown, and had quite big fangs.

it moved quite slowly.


was quite big, but unfortunatley i have seen bigger.


please help1394423_448660035242577_554800083_n.jpg

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    Oct 11, 2013 7:28 PM (in response to LouJenkins)
    Re: please ID this spider?

    Hi LouJenkins,


    Firstly, let me tell that this is not a false widow, it very much appears to be a house spider (Tegenaria)...I understand if you don't want to google pictures to confirm ;-) These spiders are large and physically intimidating, but they are harmless & quite docile. The very large spiders we have are typically the least problematic. Often, if you drop a sheet of tissue, or kitchen roll on top of them, they freeze and you can then find someone to dispose of them. Or trap them in an empty ice cream tub?


    I was petrified of spiders until a couple of years ago, I moved house to "spider central", they became such a common sight, I basically soon ran ran out of the energy required to react. So, from the time prior to that, I understand something of what you go through.


    False widows can certainly deliver a bite, but that bite is usually no worse than a bee/wasp sting (OK, so that is bad enough), they are certainly not deadly as some papers have reported. They are not marching, en masse, accross the SE of England, decimating towns in their wake. They have been well established accross the South & SE for a long time. Notice that, in many of the paper reports, how victims are bitten in their sleep, they do not usually see the culprit. Later on they find a spider & it gets the blame.


    As I sit here I promise you that I can see three false widows in my living room. They stay close to a hiding place & bolt for cover if they feel threatened. I have no wish to be bitten by them, but they are not aggressive & we are unlikely to come into physical contact unless I initiate it.


    I know there is probably not much that I can say, that will alleviate your fears, but do try remember that they may be scary, but no British spiders are dangerous.


    Kind regards, Mark.

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        Oct 12, 2013 6:39 PM (in response to LouJenkins)
        Re: please ID this spider?

        Hi LouJenkins,


        There is no spider in the UK that is dangerous, certainly none that warrant the impact they seem to be having on your day to day life...I say this as someone who has a 4 decade long list of excrutiatingly embarrassing, spider confrontation stories! :-) Please don't ask me to recount them in public ;-) I too have cordoned off parts of my home due to spider infiltration, in the past. It's probably not as uncommon as folk may readily admit.


        False widows are most well established around Southern England and SE England. They are patchy elsewhere & not recorded over much of Wales & Scotland. Though I obviously would be lying if I tried to guarantee you that they are not in your area...they are slowly spreading, but also unreported because they go totally unnoticed...unless the papers are short on real news ;-)


        If you were to spook a young false widow & watch it bury it's face in a crack, sticking it's behind out towards you, like a small child watching a "scary" children's program/pantomime, you would wonder what the fuss is about ;-)


        Your fear of spiders is real & no laughing matter, but it is that fear itself, rather than the spider, that is the bigger problem.


        False widows, of different types, are everywhere in my region...yet 99.99% of the population (or more) laugh if told about a spider bite, because they think that doesn't happen in the UK. If they were a tangible problem, people would have noticed long ago.


        Kind regards, Mark.

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