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Oct 10, 2013 7:45 PM

Reassurance Needed Due to the bad press of 'False widows'?

im not really sure where to post this,

i signed up just so i could get some actual answers.

im 18 years old, female, and suffer with extreme anxiety problems.


I live in south wales as of 4 months ago, i previously lived in the midlands.

since moving to south wales, ive came across alot more types of spiders than in the midlands.

i live a 2 minute walk from the beach, so its expected to get some weird creatures around here.


every day i have a specific routine, i wake up, and i have to real 'AOL' News. i dont know why, I just have to.


so i was going through it  TODAY when i came across the title of an article '10 million deadly spiders moving their way up the UK' or something like that.

it definatley said 10 million and definatley said deadly.


Now, Because of my anxiety, my brain has gone in circles ALL DAY. checking every wall before i walk in a room, scared to get into my bed

I also own a horse, so... my trips to the stables are going to be so much fun...NOT.


I've tried researching them online but every article is saying different things and its really scaring me.


I know that they came here in a 'Shipment of bananas' delivered to Torquay from the canary islands.

i know that it was in 1870 something


I really need some reasurance that i have nothing to worry about.


How long have they been in south wales?

some articles said in 2012 they were spreading to wales

some articles yesterday said it also.


so i dont know what to believe.


If anyone knowledgable can tell me some wholeful facts and not half arsed answered id REALLY appreciate it.


Thanks everyone,



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