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Oct 7, 2013 2:44 PM

Spider found in the void between the opening window & frame

Please would you identify this spider found between the opening window of my lounge and the fixed frame.Another spider, which looked the same was found simiarly located on my kitchen window. Both windows are north facing.


  • Hello there. This is a great spider Nuctenea umbratica The Walnut Orb Weaver. Pretty common but largely nocturnal they are often missed. I have been told they have a reputation of being a little 'bitey' if handled at all roughly.


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      • Hello again.

        Just a note to say don't worry about False Widows. In South East London where I Iive they're very much here to stay, and the press stories are really scaremongering. The poor blighters are getting blamed for every unexplained bite or sting. In general they are pretty retiring and present no real problems. When people notice one near their house the first thing they say is 'how do I get rid of them' and the honest answer is that you can't. But I expect some 'Bug Extirminators' are going to make a fortune.

        Best wishes Lewis

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