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Sep 25, 2013 11:05 PM

bitten twice- very ill- help!

I was bitten about three weeks ago in the garden ( Derby). I did not feel the bite, but did notice what i thought was a thorn mark as it was bleeding a bit. After about two hours it started to itch. It got progressively worse with swelling. During the night I was woken with   pain and the wholepart of my arm was swelling up. There was a stiff feeling in my hand, and it felt like I had been beaten. After taking Piraton in the night it still had not gone down. An emergency doctors appointent ( nurse) resulted her immediately calling a doctor. She seemed quite shocked, and the doctor said how bad it was. However after a whole leg swelling massively and on an antibiotic drip in hospiltal in Saudi I did not think it was that bad!  I think it was about half the arm that was swollen. It resulted in 2 week antibiotics aswell as more antihistamines. I was ill, letharigic and felt unwell for three days. The actual bite came up in a big blister. It did no go away for about 10 days, and three weeks later there is still a sign of it.


I thought this might be a sensitivity that i had developed due to a spider bites ( which resulted in in pateinet hospitalisaion in saudi arabia. )


However the neighbour also had a nasty bite.


Yesterday I was bitten again, I am pretty sure it was a spider. Both bites seem to have two small puncture marks. Again i did not feel the bite. The first time I had been working in undergrowth as well as higher up, this time i had only been working clearing plants on a fence. After medictaion the swelling is not so bad, but another bad night waking in pain. Arm stiff, another day in bed, with mostly sleeping all day feeling unwell. I slept in until 7.30 am and I am like an alarm clock - up at 6 am and raring to go normally.


The doctor did not seem to know what could have done this.


I noticed yesterday morning as I went to work in the garden that I had walked through a spider web ( more a string) I almost thouvht it was impossible as it was from one border to the other side ( about three metres)

I am now scared as I went out tonight and definately went througvh another spider string across a three metre gap.


Have I got some kind of imported and nasty species? It really makes me ill and I love my garden and it is my main hobby.


Can i set a trap to catch it? I have never seen it. Thanks for your information which I found on a google search after typing in " agressive spiders uk"


Is there somewhere i can report this to- for species monitoring ( I am a biologist)


Advice greatly appreciated as this spider ( although i encourage wildlfe in partcular insects with habitat creation etc) needs to be relocated or exterminated!!

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    Sep 26, 2013 7:02 AM (in response to bitten)
    Re: bitten twice- very ill- help!

    An average garden probably has thousands of spiders, of around 50 different species, living in it. So trying to trap the particular one that bit when you don't know which part of the garden you were bit is just impossible.


    I'm reading a book at present (about darngerous animals) and it says that about 80% of so-called spider bites are actually caused by other things. Spiders have been a hobby of mine for over 30 years yet I've only been bitten once and that was by one I tried to pick up between my fingers.


    The ones with a web across a 3 metre gap are most likely garden cross spiders - common and harmless.


    Sorry, I'm not being of much help. But if you post any pictures of large spiders from your garden we could try and identify them.

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        Sep 26, 2013 9:36 AM (in response to bitten)
        Re: bitten twice- very ill- help!

        If you think the spider that bit you lived in a bush then you could try holding a large tray under the bush and beating the branches with a stick. But the problem is you'll probably get loads of spiders, of several different species, most of which won't do you any harm whatsoever.


        Anyway, if you could take photos of any you find we could try to ID them for you.


        The book I'm reading says that many 'spider bites' are caused by steph or staph infections entering scratches. Your initial damage may have been a spider bite but do you know if spider venom caused the symptoms that developed later?

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