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Sep 10, 2013 12:15 PM

Lizard Fossil

Whilst on holiday in Cefalonia 10 years ago I found this fantastic fossl of a complete lizard like creature.

I would really like to know how old this is & if possible what is this animal.

There is also a chunk of fossilised tree going through the whole piece & various other debris & indentations.

I could bring it to you when next in London if you are interested.

I live in Norfolk.

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    Sep 10, 2013 12:28 PM (in response to SheilaE)
    Re: Lizard Fossil



    I, er, don't see the lizard...

    But I'll give the NHM staff a nudge to make sure they take a look soonish, and so they can comment on your bringing it the the NHM (I'm sure it would not be a problem).



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        Sep 10, 2013 1:26 PM (in response to SheilaE)
        Re: Lizard Fossil

        Sorry Sheila, that's not a valid interpretation.


        The 'curled' structure is a fossil, certainly, but it is not a lizard. You can see enough of it to imagine it in 3D - and it is more cylindroidal in shape, or perhaps ovoid. The bit you see as a tail: that tapers off just because of how the rock has broken. The bit you see as an eye: that's just an accident of erosion (and if it was an eye, it would be in a distinct head - not the rounded end of the curled structure). The bit you see as a leg: that is significant, but it is not a leg (it is not jointed).


        To some extent this looks like a cross-section of an echinoid, just off-centre. But the thickness of the shell is too great (there's a cross section at the top of this page, which includes bits corresponding to your 'leg' - There is also no sign of the plates that make up an echinoid's shell.


        Oystes can have shells thick enough to match your specimen, but I don't quite see that as the ID.


        Awaiting comment by NHM staff in due course...



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