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Sep 3, 2013 10:58 PM

Any idea what these are?

Hi all,


Can anyone shed any light on these?

For information, these have come from a quarried stone covering in my garden where I have also found fossilised sea shells (gryphaea) and some belemnite guards, and what I think is probably a bit on uncoiled ammonite.


These two however are unusual enough for me to just dismiss them as 'weird' stones.


1) Looks like it could be a tooth or maybe even part of a plant stem?  The one end is very round. (Images in this post)

2) Looks like a piece of hematite it is not magnetic. (Images in next post)


Anyone any ideas?


Many thanks,


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      Sep 3, 2013 11:13 PM (in response to Glynn Seal)
      Re: Any idea what these are?



      I think the first one is just a piece of flint that happens to be round in part.

      Yes, flints are sometimes entire animal fossils, but not in this case. The flint could be a mould of a burrow of a sea creature, however.


      The second one is probably a piece of industrial slag.


      Sorry not to have more exciting answers.



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          Sep 4, 2013 8:19 AM (in response to Glynn Seal)
          Re: Any idea what these are?



          Yes - always worth seeing what's inside - that's one of the reasons us geologists carry hammers, after all!

          (Talking about the big ones, and depending on where one's doing field work, they can be useful for many other purposes, eg. defending oneself against packs of dogs (protecting herds of sheep in the Greek mountains), hammering in tent pegs in hard terrain, as a back scratcher, nut cracker, plumb line, tool for crimping-off a car's (aluminium allloy) brake fluid line so three brakes work after a slight problem with the 4th, shooting-stick style seat, etc., etc.)



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