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Aug 28, 2013 10:25 PM

Collembola - Anurida Maritima?? Unknown tiny bugs taken over our bathroom and loft. Please help identify?

PLEASE HELP....are these Anurida Maritima? and how do we treat them??

We have been infested with hundreds if not thousands of tiny bugs. They are no bigger than 1mm are black and leave a smudge if you squash them. They appear to have 6 legs, 2 antennas. Our super macro function on the camera gives a nice close up and there doesn't appear to be any obvious wings. They can also sit or squat on their 'back side', especially when sitting in bleach!! Please see the photos attached. We have had a pest control company in twice who claimed they were thunder bugs....we are not convinced and having now spent over £150 with no joy of getting rid we are now at the end of our tether and are even considering moving! We have two children under 2.5 years and our bathroom in a no go area and has been for nearly two months now! The bugs are in our bathroom and seem to be attracted to droplets of water and warm areas. They seem to congregate in the sink, bath and on the poorly fitted tile floor (previous owners), and seem to be found mostly directly underneath our loft hatch. And yes, we have them in our loft too, having found our water tank is not securely covered! Thankfully they have not spread to our bedrooms or any other parts of the house. There also seems to be crumbly off white/light yellow mass within the broken floor tile grout but we cannot make out if these are eggs or just something else?? Photo attached. We did recently have our down pipes (soil and rain) replaced, and not sure if that caused the problem, as located very near to our bathroom window. We also have sea gulls nesting on our chimney. We live in a 1930's semi in the suburbs, and our neighbours do not have any problems. Help us please. We can provide samples and send in the post if required...


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