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Aug 13, 2013 11:30 PM

re bone or handle or fossil

i can send it in if u like ,,, but only if it desnt get  left on a shelf ...

. or i can cross section it too or  polish the end ?

if it was a handle how would u tell the age i mean could b e 1000 or 100 yrs ???

or carbon dated ?

Are they rare ?



maybe ur right though i didnt think that ,,,


too me it looks -feels like rock / calcite, the pores u see in bone are filed in poss by calcite ?

but the hollow middle could be were marrow was and had pyrite thats decomposed- hence the cracks

ive seen it before in calcite fossils frm sheppy, charmouth, weald  etc... the pyrite rusts and brakes cracks the more stable calcite

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    Aug 14, 2013 8:57 AM (in response to brettarcher)
    Re: re bone or handle or fossil

    These latest images now show a laminar structure, which looks too thin for wood grain but may be horn or even tortoiseshell. It also looks to be about 4" long - perfect for a handle. One of your earlier images of the narrow end also showed that this had been reamed out to accommodate whatever 'tool' was inserted. To me it has the jiz of a button hook handle that would make it Victorian/Edwardian. You would need to have a look with a microscope to say more - by all means send it in and I will take a look. email us at to make arrangements.

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