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Jul 25, 2013 1:05 PM

Spider identification. Long jawed orb weaver uk

Hi all,


Spider identification has become a bit of a hobby since discovering our garden is a bit of a hot bed for spider activity.


We recently discovered the biggest false widow we have seen as well as playing tug-of-war with a few garden spiders that live under our decking but this morning I came into our living room and noticed a big long strand of web from our patio doors to the shelf unit which is a good couple of meters apart.


So I followed the web to identify the spider. This spider is not one i have ever seen before in my house. It has long skinny legs that close in front of its body at rest (which is how I found him) and a long skinny body. I typed this description into google, like every other newbie spider hunter and found a picture that matched the spider I have trapped. Upon clicking the link I have found that this spider maybe the Guatemalan long jawed spider. I can see its jaws quite clearly with out need of a magnifying glass.


Now it seems to be a very long way from home. Is this species one that we are familiar with in the UK? If not do I need to contact anyone and is it venomous?


I would appreciate if any one has any information that they could share. I will also try to get some good pictures. (The pictures I have attached are ones found from google search)






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