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Jul 25, 2013 11:57 AM

Strange find!!

Hi I'm an electrician and when unscrewing a switch front I found this... At first I thought it was a bird but I don't have a clue how it got

In there as there is no way it could have got

In! Does anyone know what it is thankd

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    Jul 26, 2013 1:13 PM (in response to Robinson12)
    Re: Strange find!!

    Birds don't have teeth so its not a bird.

    I'm no expert on this sort of thing but I'm certain thats a mouse or rat.

    Sorry to be the bearer of potentially even more bad news but this also looks like it has some type of carpet beetle type of grub, also a pest, thats feeding on the carcass,  i would carefully remove them with a vacuum cleaner as soon as possible, also, knowing that mice & rats are seldom found without others nearby i would  seek advice from a pest control company.

    Good luck


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    Jul 26, 2013 3:14 PM (in response to Robinson12)
    Re: Strange find!!

    It's will almost certainly be a mouse as it is comfortably contained within a standard single outlet socket box. I propose three scenarios:


    1. It was hiding there when the switch face was screwed on ... but I doubt it

    2. There was gap enough for it to have squeezed up from below the boards, behind the box and in through one of the holes in the box if there was a grommet missing

    3. It was a dead mouse deliberately placed there by someone to cause a bit of a stink - a bit like the kippers on the exhaust manifold trick.


    Either way the mouse has desiccated over time and the remaining skin and fur have become fodder for the carpet beetle larvae, which are present in all homes at a background level - though with this many in one room I’m imaging that the home owner will remember having a good number of small stripy beetles on the windowsill one springtime.


    Incidentally we use beetle larvae of the same family of beetles to prepare skeletons, see info and

    beetle cam here:


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    Aug 24, 2013 10:10 PM (in response to Robinson12)
    Re: Strange find!!

    the beetles are probably dermestid beetles- they eat flesh.

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    Oct 10, 2013 9:32 PM (in response to Robinson12)
    Re: Strange find!!

    Hello Robinson12

    A long time ago my wife was a 'warden' in a housing scheme for the elderly/disabled, one day she took an electrician to a tennants property were the storage heater was smelling.

    When the cover of the heater was removed they found the mummified remains of hamster sat on top of the heat

    storage bricks - it was completely intact but dry.



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